Podcast Update 3

Jim and I have been a little less active on the webinar series the last few months but now have two very useful Podcasts to share. Please comment below to let us know what you think.

Podcast #11: Big Data Advantages with ElasticSearch

Smart-Future Webinar with guest Kevin Keeney

Kevin Keeney, from Elastic, joins us to discuss the big data advantages using ElasticSearch. Kevin discusses the value of finding data using a search paradigm as an option distinct from the more traditional data collection and sharing option.

Podcast #12: U.S. Navy Cyber Operations Data Analytic Fabric

Smart-Future Webinar with guest Rachel Bondi.

We discuss the the U.S. Navy’s activities for tactical cybersecurity with Rachel Bondi, the Technical Director Cyber Security Program Office Warfare Information Assurance. The NAVWAR PEO C4I, PMW 130 office is launching the SPINNAKER effort as part of the unified platform/big data platform (UP/BDP) for Joint Services. SPINNAKER is a cloud based platform for storing and visualizing large cyber decision analytic visualizations.

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