Podcast #6: DoD Acquisition Opportunities

DoD acquisition expert, Bill Greenwalt, discusses his Congressional Staff work that helped make Other Transaction Authority contracting available for all programs of record within DoD and also delivered the Covid-19 vaccine in record time.

All podcasts are also available on Spotify at Jim Pietrocini’s Focsle Podcast Series.

Also, please take a look at Bill’s recent Hudson Institute paper — Competing in Time: Ensuring Capability Advantage and Mission Success through Adaptable Resource Allocation. This paper addresses the budget process “elephant in the room” for U.S. Military capability over time.

“The keystone of the Department of Defense’s institutional architecture is not acquisition, but rather the budgeting process. This governs its ability to allocate funding to achieve national security objectives, links together requirements and spending, sets the calendar of the department, controls changes to investment priority, and serves as the mechanism for Congress to exercise its constitutionally granted appropriations powers. While there have been dozens of acquisition reform efforts, the budgeting process has been nearly untouched since 1961.”

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