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ADM Archie Clemins Memoriam & New Webinars

Honoring Admiral Archie Clemins and an Introduction to the latest three posted webinars. Continue reading

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Webinar Update

Jim and I have now completed six thirty minute webinars that are posted on this site, YouTube, and Linkedin. Here is a short introduction to these webinars. We find these discussions to be very informative and relevant to the challenges … Continue reading

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New Webinar Series

Jim Pietrocini and I have started a new webinar series intended to: Explore important topics in technology, global trends, DoD acquisition activities, and research & development related to U.S. National Security. Invite key thinkers and leaders to share their views, … Continue reading

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How Did We Get Into This Cybersecurity Mess?

We all know that information about our adversaries and partner countries is and always has been critical to National Security. Before our interconnected world of the internet, information operations were more about human spying, one person to another. As technology … Continue reading

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Can DevSecOps Undo DoD’s Broken Software Failures?

The Department of Defense (DoD) has been developing software intensive systems for the last thirty years. Only in the past decade has the Department openly recognized that these software intensive systems are critical to the future of U.S. National Security. … Continue reading

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